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Little Luxuries Girls Club is a safe place for 4th-10th grade young ladies to feel free to be themselves. We aim to provide them with life's "Little Luxuries"! These little luxuries are the "gems" of information that we have gathered from personal experiences and other’s experiences. Little Luxuries Girl's Club was created with both the child and parent in mind. With the advancement of technology in today’s society, youth have more access to information than ever before, and needs to be properly guided regarding how they should leverage that information.


Many youth in today in inner-cities lack resources as society demands more from parents. Parents often need to work multiple job, long hours, and have limited quality time to spend with their children. This is why Little Luxuries is so important. We want to be an extra support system for your family because it truly does take a village to raise a child. 


We are a club that seeks to empower, inspire, as well as mentor girls to live a life full of power, purpose, and value allowing them to make better decisions for their future. Little Luxuries serve girls in the community that come from underprivileged backgrounds. We want to help them supersede the statistics by giving them alternative options through information. Which will ultimately help them make better choices for themselves in the future. 

We aim to mold girls to be passionate, confident, and successful women who recognize their value. We encourage their involvement in the community through different cultural experiences.  Our community is our heart! We rely on the help of our dedicated volunteers and establishments throughout the community. 

little luxuries videos

little luxuries videos

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"It's Life Little Luxuries"

"Its the Small Things that matter."


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Little Luxuries Girl's Club

"It Take a Village to Raise a Child."

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